Selected Discography - Solo Releases:

2006: Kasper Bjørke: The Kids Are Going Down - single. Fine/Finery

2007: Kasper Bjørke: Back & Spine feat. FM Belfast – single. Plant/SonyBMG

2007: Kasper Bjørke: In Gumbo – album. Plant/SonyBMG

2008: Kasper Bjørke: Doesnt Matter feat. The Pierces – single. Plant/SonyBMG

2009: Kasper Bjørke: Young Again feat. Jacob Bellens – single. HFN Music

2010: Kasper Bjørke: Standing on top of Utopia – album. HFN Music

2010: Kasper Bjørke: Alcatraz feat. Jacob Bellens – single. HFN Music

2010: Kasper Bjørke: Heaven feat. Louise Foo – single. HFN Music

2010: Kasper Bjørke & His Friendly Ghost: Go Away Song. Compost Black Label

2011: Kasper Bjørke: Symptoms - EP. HFN Music

2012: Kasper Bjørke: Lose Yourself to Jenny (with Jacob Bellens) - single. HFN Music

2012: Kasper Bjørke: Fool - album. HFN Music

2012: Kasper Bjørke: Deep is the Breath (with Jacob Bellens & Emma Acs) - single. HFN Music

2012: Kasper Bjørke: Bohemian Soul (with Laid Back) - single. HFN Music

2013: Kasper Bjørke: Sunrise (with Jacob Bellens) - single. HFN Music

2013: Kasper Bjørke: Remix Crusades (2006-2013) - compilation. HFN Music

2013: Kasper Bjørke: The Grey Area / part of The Pink Collection. Eskimo Recordings.

Selected Remix Discography:

Magit Cacoon (tba)

Sleazy McQueen (tba)

Tristesse Contemporaine: Fire (Record Makers)

Sonns: On My Mind (Machine Limited)

All Dom Wrong feat. Amy Douglas: Give Myself Away (Plant Music)

Yuksek feat. Oh Land: Land of our kinds (PartyFine Music)

Jori Hulkonnen: Vile Talk (My Favorite Robot Records)

Gluteus Maxiumus feat. Högni: Everlasting (Radio Bongo)

Moby: Lie Down In Darkness (Little Idiot Records)

Human Woman: Delusional (HFN Music)

App: All I Can Think About Is You (WYS Records)

Laid Back: Get High (Brothers Music)

Trentemøller: Shades of Marble (In My Room)

Ilya Santana: Infamous Lovers (La Belle Records)

Retro Stefson: Kimba (Universal)

Darkness Falls: Hey! (HFN Music)

Rah Band: Cloud Across The Moon (Great Stuff Classics)

Oh Land: White Nights (Epic)

Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr.: Nothing But Our Love

The Ting Tings: Thats Not My Name (Sony)

Trentemøller: Vamp (Poker Flat)

WhoMadeWho: Keep Me In My Plane (Gomma)

Visti & Meyland: Yes Maam (Eskimo)

Ghost Society: Love Love

Under Byen: Alt er tabt

P Toile: One

This Is Head: 0011 (Adrian Records)

Fm Belfast: Lotus (Killing in the name of)

The Mansisters:

2012: The Mansisters: E.P. Phone Home (EP). My Favorite Robot Recods

2013: The Mansiseters: Jennie´s Diner. Part of Summer Sampler. Correspondant Records 

2014. The Mansisters: Bullschnitzel EP. Correspondant Records

Selected Discography - Filur (with Tomas Barfod)

1999: Filur: Crowdpusher – EP. Discowax

2000: Filur: Exciting Comfort – album. Mega Records

2001: Filur: I Want You, feat. Magnum Coltrane Price – single. Edel/Mega

2002: Filur: Deeply Superficial – album. Edel/Mega

2006: Filur: Into The Wasteland (feat. Stina Nordenstam, Aura etc.) – album. V2 Records

2009: Filur: In Retrospect – 10 Year anniversary compilation. Discowax/Warner

2010: Filur: Welding Love feat. Daniel August. Discowax/Sony

2011: Filur: Concentrate! feat. Simon Kvamm. Discowax/Sony

2011: Filur: Faces - album. Discowax/Sony

Selected Remixes as Filur:

Junior Senior: Move Your Feet

Brandy: Full Moon

Shakira: She Wolf

Medina: You & I